The term “Sky” and “woke” have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. But the most recent development, which involves white men being banned from applying for a role just by virtue of the colour of their skin, really takes things to a whole new level.

Leaked emails from the company which made it on to Twitter appeared to give the impression that a role that Sky News was hoping to fill would only be open to those who were “BAME, or women, or both”.

The Equality Act of 2010 is meant to guard against this. This act suggests that any job should be open to any individual – regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or anything else.

Sky News have clearly failed in their duty as an employer. But where is the media attention to this? This event stinks of hypocrisy, with Sky turning into the self-appointed arbitrators of supposed equality.

But, as any self-respecting man will tell you, this is just the latest event in recent years that constitutes a mass war on the white male.

The Discriminatory Email from Sky News

A few days ago, an email sent by Peter Lowe – who appears to be Sky’s Head of Home News – was leaked. The brave folks at Guido Fawkes were the first to release it.

In this email, Peter – who we can only assume is a total simp – says that “the next batch of London correspondents appointed are only either BAME, or women, or both”.

Simply put, this is discrimination. Consider if a prominent news company stated in an email that they only wanted white males to apply – there would be uproar.

Sky Sports Doing Their Part to satisfy the Woke Agenda

Sky Sports have also been doing their best to support their sister Sky News’ woke agenda.

For a long time, Sky Sports presented sport. They provided a high-quality service for its viewers. It was simple – they would show sport, analyse it, and stay out of politics.

But times have changed significantly. Turn on Sky Sports News and you can guarantee a story surrounding racism will meet you soon. Sky Sports News reports any racist abuse of a player like it is the biggest news since the 2018 Royal Wedding.

Of course, racism is reprehensible and has no place in society. But the idiots and mindless degenerates that write racist abuse would not get the time of day if Sky Sports News ignores it.

Then there is the ridiculous influx of females and black presenters and pundits. Suddenly live football matches are turning into lectures against white men.

Alex Scott epitomises Sky’s woke agenda. Alex, who practically no one has heard of, seems to have had a career playing women’s football. But lets be honest, women’s football is at an atrocious standard compared to mens football.

But needless to say, Alex Scott is black, and the likes of Micah Richards, Glen Johnson and Clinton Morrison have all been regularly appearing on Sky Sports.

Of course there is nothing wrong whatsoever with diversity in the media, it’s just that getting this agenda rammed down our throats is not exactly pleasurable.

Then worst of all, there is Sky Sports News mass efforts to be the poster child of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The holes in this argument are enormous and have been written by many, so we’ll just sidestep it.

Sky’s Soccer Saturday White Male Clearout

But there can be no sidestepping when it comes to Gillette Soccer Saturday. For many years, the show delighted viewers, resembling a pub-like setting.

But this past summer, this changed. Long-time pundits Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson – who just so happen to all be white – were replaced.

Needless to say, those that are rotating each week are mainly persons of colour. Again, nothing wrong with this, but it continues to underline Sky’s efforts to sideline the white male.

Joe Biden’s War on the White Male

It didn’t take long for American politician Joe Biden to get in on the man-hating act, which is hardly surprising given his weak personality.

In one of his first addresses, Biden stated in a stuttering speech that his administration would be “prioritising black, latino, asian, native-american and women-owned businesses”. So that is everyone apart from white men.

Coca-Cola “Be Less White”

Coca-Cola are the latest firm to be criticised, but they took the additional step of even including white women in their dismissal of all things white.

Recently, Coca-Cola’s employees were given a training session which involved them being told to “be less white”.

A brave whistleblower within the organisation raised the issue and for once, several prominent media outlets have actually reported on this.

Nearly all of the UK’s most well-known newspapers ran stories on it. With that said, needless to say, the radical left-wing The Guardian conveniently ignored this.

The training session attempted to help Coca-Cola “build an inclusive workplace” and was part of a “global learning curriculum”.

It was taken by a woman named Robin DiAngelo, who wrote a diatribe called “White Fragility” in the past. It is anything but inclusive to attack someone for being white – something they cannot help.

“Be less white” apparently amounts to being “less oppressive; less arrogant; less certain; less defensive; less ignorant; be more humble; listen; believe; break with apathy”.

Candace Owens, who is fast becoming a source of reason, intellect and wise words, correctly pointed out that if a company told black people to “be less black”, all hell would break loose.

The only surprise is that there wasn’t a footnote saying that this only applies to white men. Instead, for once white females were even criticised.

International Women’s Day

Prepare for the big companies to be fawning over International Women’s Day, making a big song and dance about the upcoming day in March.

Then expect nothing but silence from the same companies in November on International Men’s Day. Once again, where is the equality?

Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Advert

No article surrounding the war against men can be complete however without mentioning Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” advert.

The advert, which suggested that all men were trash, rapists, utter disgraces and just generally disgusting individuals, was a bizarre attempt to advertise their products.

But thankfully men reacted in fury, and Gillette’s market value continues to drop. It is great to see that this brand is quickly seeing the error of its ways.

The War Against Winston Churchill

In 2020 efforts were made to vandalise the statue of Sir Winston Churchill – the British Prime Minister that helped steer the Allies to victory in World War 2.

The horrific irony of the persecution of Churchill is that had it not been for him, those protesting wouldn’t be able to lead the life they do.

Had Churchill not been successful and the nation fell under Nazi control, there certainly wouldn’t be the opportunity of unrest as we would live in a violent dictatorship.

The Takeaway

It is a sad reflection of the world we live in that many media companies are doing everything they can to sideline the white man.

It is important to hire people on ability and merit, rather than on race or gender. Just remember, if it was the other way around, there would be mass uproar.