In recent days, a song called “Charbu Darbu” has been highly-popular in Israel. It has been referred to as a “hip-hop war anthem”.

The song has led to controversy, especially with those who are supporting Palestine. In this article, we look at the song, and the controversy surrounding it.

Firstly, you can see the YouTube video of the song below.

The song by Ness Ve Stilla

Charbu Darbu

The song’s title is named Charbu Darbu – and is sang/rapped by duo Ness Ve Stilla – who are enjoying new foundland popularity in Israel.

The song has come in the aftermath of the events of October 7th, which saw Hamas terrorists from Palestine commit several atrocities across Israel. These included widescale massacres and kidnappings of innocent Israeli citizens.

Babies were murdered in ovens, women sexually assaulted on an enormous level, children made to see their parents dying in front of them, and elderly citizens being taken hostage. Simply put, it was horrific actions committed by barbaric animals.

Charbu Darbu translates into “swords and strikes”. But in Hebrew slang – the language of the song – it refers to raining hell on an opponent. In the context of the song, it calls for attacks against Hamas terrorists. This includes anyone that planned, supported, or took part in, the events of 7th October.

Some of the lyrics in the song refer to the names of innocent Israeli children victims being written on missiles that will be sent to attack Hamas (loosely translated). Other lyrics include paying tribute to various combat units of the Israeli Defence Forces – including Golani, Givati, the Air Force, the Navy, and Commandos.

The song also calls for justice against Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, and Mohammed Deif, head of Hamas’s military wing.

Anti-Hamas sentiment is strong in Israel. A strong military response has followed, resulting in the Hamas terrorist group being taken apart by brave soldiers from the IDF.

It is important to state that there are many from Palestine that are suffering due to the actions of others. But others have pointed out that the same could be said for the innocent Israeli citizens that died.

But despite the horrors committed by Hamas, so many around the world have been supporting Palestine. This has led to a wave of anti-semitic actions from around the world. Posters of missing Israeli children have been ripped down, anti-Jewish chanting and violence against Jews has been customary.

Why does the song threaten Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Mia Khalifa?

Charbu Darbu also features lyrics threatening model Bella Hadid, singer Dua Lipa, and former adult film star Mia Khalifa.

The lyrics mention that “every dog’s day will come”, referring to the trio above, and the three Hamas and Hezbollah personnel previously mentioned. Hadid, Lipa and Khalifa – albeit to varying degrees – have been outspoken in their support of terrorists, or dislike of Israel.

Bella Hadid has in the past been strongly pro-Palestine. She has been heavily criticised in the past for spreading misinformation about the conflict.

Meanwhile, Dua Lipa has also supported Palestine. In the past, she shared an Instagram post that referred to members of the Israeli government as “fake Jewish people”.

Lipa has a strange tendency to get involved in any political movement possible. She has been accused of being a bully, is a total hypocrite, and has provided uneducated and foolish comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Perhaps the most disgusting of all is Mia Khalifa – who openly celebrated the events of October 7th. While Hadid and Lipa were silent in the aftermath, Khalifa was vociferous in her support.

At one point, she asked for Hamas fighters to turn their phones “horizontal” – essentially asking to be able to see more of the terror being inflicted on innocent Israelis.

Of course, she says this while in the United States. It is easy to make these comments while being thousands of miles away. Why doesn’t she go to the area and help? Ah yes, she faces death should she ever set foot in Lebanon again…

Khalifa’s comments resulted in her being dropped by various companies, including Playboy. Playboy criticised Khalifa for her “disgusting and reprehensible” comments, including those that “celebrated the murder of innocent men, women and children”.

Israel is fighting back

The Takeaway

As has always been the case – Israel has a right to defend herself. The IDF is battling to avenge the deaths of those who died in the October 7th atrocities.

This song may act as a rallying cry to Israelis – who are all fighting to beat the Hamas terrorists. May they continue to make progress.