The quote “Living is Easy With Eyes Closed” is an intriguing quote that can have a number of meanings. It has somewhat mysterious connotations, and can be applied in many different situations.

Whether it is a deep thought, a song lyric or anything else, this phrase is interesting, and something that certainly provides a thought-provoking quote.

Life can be difficult

The connection between eyes and difficulty

Generally, it can be considered that the quote means that when you have your eyes closed – perhaps if you are in a state of ignorance, or asleep – that life is easy.

This contrasts with the challenging nature of day-to-day life. To navigate life and go through its trials and tribulations, we have our eyes fully open, so suddenly living doesn’t become too easy.

So what does it mean when someone says this? Maybe they are tired of their life and want to have their eyes closed, or perhaps they are saying it to remind people of the importance of being awake to everything that is going on in the world.

If we do look at the quote literally, it seems logical. After all, if our eyes are closed, generally life is easier. But each person who uses this quote will have a different motivation behind it.


“Living is easy with eyes closed” is a lyric in the song Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles. This song is based on lead singer John Lennon’s childhood memories of playing in a garden called “Strawberry Field” – a children’s home owned by the Salvation Army. The garden was located in Liverpool, England – where Lennon grew up.

The song features lyrics that suggest Lennon had a desire to hold onto the feelings he had as a child – playing in Strawberry Field. It was as if he wanted this to be forever – hence the name of the song.

It would also fit with the idea that perhaps Lennon would think about these days – a time where life was easy – with his eyes closed. This would fit in with the overall understanding of the quote laid out above.

Other appearances

The quote is therefore mainly associated with The Beatles. However, it is also seen across the media. For example, in the popular TV show LOST, character Charlie Pace has the quote tattooed on his arm.

There is also a movie that was released in 2014 called “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados” – which translates from Spanish into “Living is Easy With Eyes Closed”. It was a comedy-drama that featured the character of John Lennon.

The Takeaway

Many quotes that exist are hard to completely understand – with the quote Living is Easy With Eyes Closed no exception to this rule. It seems to be a case that each individual person can make a determination as to what they believe the quote is about.

The good thing about many quotes is that they do make us stop and think. Maybe living is easy with your eyes closed, or maybe it isn’t. It is simply up to you to decide!