The iconic Chris the Redeemer Statue is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue features an enormous creation of Jesus Christ.

Construction on the enormous statue was finished in 1931, and in the contemporary age serves as a cultural icon of Brazil and popular tourist attraction.

The statue enjoys religious symbolism – being a powerful symbol of Christianity, which is the world’s most popular religion. The statue was designated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World – and its remarkable design has inspired several other statues to be created around the world.

The sign is a well-known Christian symbol

History and Origins of the statue

In the early 1920s, following several failed attempts, proposals for a landmark structure on Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, secured support.

Several designs were considered – including one with Jesus appearing with a globe in his hands, and a design which featured the Christian Cross. But the Christ the Redeemer design was chosen – with its iconic open arms signifying peace.

The construction of the Statue cost what in 2023 would work out as approximately $5million! The monument opened on October 12, 1931.

Construction began in 1922 – therefore taking nine years to complete! The design was created by French sculptor Paul Landowski.

The statue was built by Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot – engineers from Brazil and France respectively. Romanian sculptor Gheorge Leonida was responsible for moulding the face.

In terms of measurements – the statue is 30m/98ft tall, not even including the 8m/26ft pedestal! The arms stretch out 28m/92ft.

These measurements make a mammoth sculpture that can be seen from a great distance away. The statue weighs 635 tons!

Recent developments

In terms of recent developments, the 21st Century has witnessed some changes to the statue. In 2006, as part of celebrations of the statue’s 75th Anniversary, a chapel was consecrated underneath the statue.

Lightning has caused damage on a few occasions, which has led to significant restoration work being undertaken on the monument.

In 2014, as part of Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup, the statue was illuminated. In a bid to aid access, escalators, elevators and walkways have been constructed in close proximity to the statue.

Aside from its religious value, the statue serves as a popular tourist attraction. Given its location in Rio de Janeiro, it is easy to get to. The improved access in the area of the monument has made it easier than ever before to reach and see.

The statue is a well-known tourist site in Brazil

Christ the Redeemer and Christianity

The Christ the Redeemer Statue is very significant in Christianity. Many people consider the outstretched arms to symbolise the opening of the Catholic Church to the world.

Many consider it to be a reminder that God is watching over and protecting us all. By towering over the city, it is easy to remember God.

As a global symbol of Christianity, many people complete a pilgrimage to the site each year. In fact, many consider it to be the most well-known Christian symbol in the world.

The Takeaway

The statue truly is a remarkable site, and the fact that it features as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World is testament to its stunning design, symbolism and popularity.

The Christ the Redeemer statue will continue to be very popular in years to come. It will always serve as a reminder that God is with us and watching over us.