The State of Israel is a small but powerful nation. While relations with many countries is non-existent, it has strong ties to many countries around the world.

Israel declared independence in 1948. It is known as a Jewish-majority nation, with Jerusalem being its capital city.

We take a look at some of Israel’s top allies, and discuss their relationships with Israel. These are expected to continue strengthening in years to come.

10. Egypt

Israel-Egypt relations are incredibly complex, but these bordering nations are currently allies. They maintain good relations, with most considering Egypt to be Israel’s closest middle east ally.

The two nations have engaged in four wars, but a peace treaty in 1979 resulted changed proceedings. Since 1980, they have engaged in full diplomatic relations.

Both nations have enjoyed economic dealings in recent years, and share a tightly enforced border. They have both united too against terrorist threats. Both have stayed strong against the Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

9. Canada

Canada was quick to recognise Israel following their creation. In the years since, the bond between the two countries has strengthened.

There have been some difficult moments, with some politicians being fiercely anti-Israel. However, largely, the relationship has been strong.

8. Bulgaria

The small European nation of Bulgaria has strong ties with Israel. The main basis of this is how Bulgaria acted strongly in World War II to save many Jews in their country.

This is something that was not forgotten. Many decades later, in 2011, a declaration was signed which pledged closer cooperation between the two countries. They have also engaged in joint military training.

7. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, has enjoyed strong relations with Israel. During its time as Czechoslovakia, there was robust support for Israel in its early days.

In 2008, when the Czech Republic sought a location to train for an upcoming military mission, Israel happily welcomed them – when other nations hadn’t.

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also a key ally of Israel. While the UK and Israel have at times had a tempestuous relationship, they have largely been allies.

The United Kingdom’s government have typically provided steadfast support for Israel. It also provides significant foreign aid to Israel and offers military assistance too.

5. Germany

Due to Germany’s role in the horrific and depraved Holocaust, there were initially very poor relations and strong hostility from Israeli people towards Germany.

However, this has changed enormously in recent years. It started in 1952, when Germany paid reparations to Israel. Since then, the two nations have forged strong relations.

There has been strong military support from Germany. There are also strong economic relations. Germany has also acted as a key mediator between Israel and other nations.

In 2023, Germany strongly supported Israel after Hamas terrorists committed heinous acts. Germany have been a strong ally.

4. Singapore

Israel and Singapore forged strong relations in the 1960s, and have remained close allies ever since.

There is significant trade between the countries, and there has also been military cooperation. Many Israeli companies have regional headquarters in Singapore, due to it being one of the few countries in that region to recognise its status as a country.

The two nations have remained in close cooperation with one another for a long time. Singapore is a crucial ally to Israel.

3. Brazil

Brazil and Israel have excellent relations. Over several decades, Brazil has provided consistent support to Israel in multiple ways.

There is strong military support from Brazil, with the nation buying many weapons from Israel. In return, Israel’s largest trading partner in South America is Brazil.

Relations between the two nations hit a particular high point during the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, who openly spoke of his admiration for the nation.

2. India

Israel-India relations have strengthened enormously in recent years. They are one of Israel’s strongest allies in Asia.

Both nations have cooperated in anti-terrorist activities. Moreover, they have engaged in arms trade, technology, and tourism activities.

Following the Hamas terrorist attacks in 2023, India was one of the staunchest allies of Israel. This furthered their existing relationship.

1. United States

The United States of America is definitely Israel’s greatest ally. The US have consistently provided staunch support to Israel in political and economic matters.

The US is the largest donor of foreign aid to Israel, and has been a vocal supporter of the country since its founding. The US has also provided Israel with military assistance, and has been a key mediator in many of the peace talks between Israel and its neighbors.

For example, President Donald Trump was instrumental in presiding over peace treaties with several middle eastern countries through the 2020 Abraham Accords.

Israel’s location is also key for the US, given its proximity to the middle east. The strong relationship between the two nations is mutually beneficial, and has resulted in unwavering support on both sides.

The Takeaway

Israel is a powerful nation that has some strong allies. Many of these allies have provided constant support in recent decades.

Israel’s success has been helped by their strong ties to many countries. By working together, these countries can help Israel to achieve peace and security in the region.