Every September, “No Simp September” arrives – a month that always receives attention, and one that can prove to be challenging for anyone partaking.

The year 2020 didn’t give us much to celebrate about, but the word “simp” proved to be a consolation for many. This powerful word has not only made millions laugh, but eventually had a whole month dedicated to it.

“No Simp September” has been trending on social media in recent days. In this article, we look at everything that one needs to know about the month ahead.

What is a Simp?

Where else to begin. The exact definition of a simp is open for debate, but it is usually used as an insult.

Heading over to the glorious place that is the Urban Dictionary, a simp is described as “someone who does way too much for a person they like”.

Other definitions follow the same ideas, with a simp also defined as “a man who puts the hoes before the bros”. Or a male that “is overly desperate for women”.

The slightly-more respectable Dictionary.com opts for the following:

“A slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.”

The definition goes on to state that the term is used to troll young men who do “anything for a girl to get some action he supposedly deserves”.

Where Can Simps be Found?

When using the above definitions, there are a few platforms that are full of simps. Of course, they are everywhere though, all around us, hiding in plain sight, ready to simp over someone.

LinkedIn is the classic breeding ground for simps – with many men on the platform doing everything they can to appeal to women, whether through liking everything that highlights a supposed inequality between genders, or writing “congratulations” on any woman’s status for starting a new job.

How does No Simp September work?

Some users at the wonderful site of Reddit have made a subreddit – simply called “No Simp September”.

The rules are posted there, ready for perusal by all those taking part in the festivities. Also on that page is general discussion, users motivating one another throughout the month, and a daily roll-call, to check in on numbers.

The aim of the game is simply to not be guilty of “simping” throughout the month of September. There are six rules that competitors must abide by in order to complete the month.

The Six Rules of No Simp September

  1. The competitor must be honest about simping – if they do simp at any point, they should come forth and confess. They wisely state “the only thing worse than a true simp, is an underhanded one, who takes the reward, yet still simps”.
  2. Competitors are not allowed to donate money to girls using various online platforms, ones that we shouldn’t really mention. The rules state that such behaviour is “one of the purest forms of simping” – again, wise words.
  3. Competitors should not reject any opportunity to spend time with friends or family in order to carry out simping. This rule doesn’t make total sense, but we see it as permission to engage with the online platforms outlined in Rule 2, but in a non-monetary manner.
  4. Competitors are also instructed to not upvote, like, nor comment on a post – just because a girl in the photo. Instead, the person must stop, analyse the media, then ask themselves “would I really upvote this if there wasn’t a girl in the picture?” As any Redditor will attest to, having the use of the upvote button being restricted is a powerful force – which will surely cause many to fall.
  5. Competitors will need to abstain from viewing pornography. As pornography is deemed to be something that when abused, can be just as destructive as simping.
  6. Finally, each competitor will need to comment on the roll-calls of each day, to receive their credit for the day.

Why has the word caused controversy?

Well, it is 2020 – no one can say anything without offending someone. And of course the radical left-wingers have been up in arms about the word “Simp”.

Some state that men shouldn’t be criticised for respecting women, and that the word encourages men to disrespect women. Sigh.

The Takeaway

Ignore the haters, this is an important month. At the end of the day, it is a bit of fun, and whether or not simping should or should not be classed as a destructive behaviour is open for debate.

In any case, to all those partaking, we wish you the very best of luck in your journey ahead. Stay strong soldiers.