The debate around the Death Penalty has been argued many times over, with the practice continuing to divide opinion. Many nations continue to impose the death penalty on criminals, while other nations have outlawed the punishment.

Several organisations also exist that attempt to fight against the death penalty. We now take a look at both sides of the argument.

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Many people are on death row


To begin with, the Death Penalty is mainly known as Capital Punishment. Capital Punishment refers to the practice where a person is killed by a State as a punishment for a crime. Instead of serving a lifelong custodial sentence, the criminal will wait on ‘death row’, eventually being executed.

There are many different ways that the death penalty may be carried out. Hanging, firing squad and lethal injection are the most common, though it differs from territory to territory.

Offences that merit a death sentence typically include crimes against humanity, murder or espionage – again, the precise crimes that justify capital punishment will be different from nation to nation.

At the time of writing, 56 countries continue to legalise capital punishment. Notable countries include China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Somalia and Afghanistan. Over 60% of the world’s population live in countries where the death penalty is a form of punishment. The topic has proven highly controversial.

The Takeaway

As seen, the death penalty is a highly-controversial practice, and one that has many arguments both for and against its use. It will continue to be something that is scrutinised for many years to come.

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