The Burj Khalifa was lit up in honour of the United States’ Independence Day, Saturday 4th July. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and can be viewed from far, far away. The building is located in the United Arab Emirates, a nation in the middle east – arguably a region that represents the antithesis of the US. Sadly, closer to home, the same respect wasn’t shown by many.

As always, Americans up and down the country, and all around the world, celebrated Independence Day on July 4. It is always a momentous occasion, and one that is held in high esteem by Americans. Clearly, it has been a difficult time as of late for the US, with civil unrest prompted by the brutal murder of George Floyd leading to ugly scenes in many cities, as well as the Covid-19 virus causing havoc.

The media has not helped at all. Fuelled by an anti-President Trump approach, the media has been focusing on the negatives, as opposed to the positive areas that Trump’s America is achieving. Sadly, some footage has shown the American flag being at best disrespected, at worst desecrated.

And therefore it is all the more interesting that the UAE lit up the Burj Khalifa in honour of the US. This is a nation that is seen as being very different to the US, but they were still happy to show the respect that the US and its citizens deserve.

Contrast this to some of the shameful scenes seen in the US by its own citizens. The flag has been burned by some in sickening scenes. Let’s take a look at one such individual who seems to be revelling in disrespecting his nation. He is seemingly totally unaware of the privilege he has. In many countries, any sort of revolt against the Government ends in certain imprisonment, and possibly death.

Clearly, slavery is abhorrent and it will always represent a dark moment in American history. As was the sickening murder of George Floyd, with many other terrible recent events contributing to the unrest seen in the nation.

In moments where mass destruction is commonplace, it is only right to look towards political party leaders. In the year of an election, it is more important than ever before for party leaders to respond. While President Trump has been quick to assert the importance of law and order, Democratic leader Joe Biden has seemingly refused to condemn such behaviour.

Many suggest that Biden is trying to appeal to the radical left, but appealing and cowering are two very different things. If such a stance was adopted in some of the recent horrors around the world, the US would be in a weaker position. By adopting a strong approach, President Trump has greatly helped the US in its international dealings.

Then we have the so-called hypocrisy of those desecrating the flag.

It is very disappointing to see these scenes across the US. This November’s election is taking on an ever-increasing level of importance. Living in such a nation is a privilege.