Linkin Park fans have had a difficult last few years, with the tragic passing of Chester Bennington leaving fans mourning, with the realisation that the band will never be the same again. There has been very little cause for celebration recently, but as we approach the three-year anniversary of Bennington’s death, he is being honoured in an excellent way – the bands hit record ‘In The End’ has hit the milestone 1billion views on YouTube.

The famous song

In the End was released as part of the band’s breakthrough ‘Hybrid Theory’ album, hitting the shelves in the year 2000. With YouTube becoming the de-facto location for music videos to be uploaded, a few years on, the music video appeared on the content-sharing site. Now, in the year 2020, In the End has joined the 1billion views group.

Understandably, this has caused fans of the band, as well as band member Mike Shinoda, much joy. We pick out a few of the Tweets that celebrate this marquee moment.

A simple Twitter search of ‘In the End’ and ‘Linkin Park’ brings up a whole host of tweets from delighted fans. Linkin Park have always had a strong following, and fans have been key to making this milestone happen. In recent days, social media accounts have been urging followers to help the video get to the 1billion mark – and eventually, said mark was reached!

This is the second time that a Linkin Park song has reached the 1billion view mark; Numb – arguably the bands most famous song – was the first to reach the mark, and continues to attracts millions more viewers.

While the passing of Chester Bennington was a tragedy, it is great to see that his legacy is continuing, with many giving thanks to Chester for his contribution to their life. Chester continues to be honoured by fans, and in the end, he certainly deserves it. Congratulations to Linkin Park!