Arguably the most important election in decades is facing us – with Republican nominee Donald J. Trump being challenged by Joe Biden, former vice-president, and Democratic party leader.

This is a highly charged election, and one that has a lot riding on it, especially in light of the effects of Covid-19. The economy, healthcare, constitutional rights and international relations are just some of the areas that will be hugely affected by the result of the election.

We admit, that when Trump announced he was running for President, we were sceptical of his motives. It seemed proposterous that a celebrity could run for President.

But Trump has proven us all wrong. Prior to Covid-19, Trump had steered the US economy in a brilliant way, and unemployment rates were well, well down.

As his campaign promised, he truly has made America great again. He isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but in this election, it is policy over character that is important.

We urge everyone to vote for Donald Trump to be the President once again. Here are our reasons why.

1The Economy

Prior to Covid-19, the economy of the United States was in a terrific position. Businesses were thriving, big corporations were returning to the United States, there was plenty of money.

Unemployment was down to its lowest level in 50 years. Tax reforms provided more disposable income to Americans, and the country was in a healthy state.

Trump has gleefully added tariffs right, left and centre. The US are a superpower, and it is time we treated ourselves as such.

Joe Biden’s promises would involve huge tax increases, which is the only way his ideas could feasibly work.

Higher taxes result in less disposable income, and would hurt the economy. Everyday Americans would see their bank balance hit hard.

2International Relations

Trump has worked wonders for the international relations of the United States. He has reversed questionable international deals like NAFTA and TPP.

He has travelled all around the world – including to North Korea, and Israel, where he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, an act that had been promised, yet never delivered by past administrations.

Trump has refused to bow down to the aggression of China. He has not been afraid to criticise China, something his predecessors again were reluctant to do so.

He has partaken in several state visits, where he has acted as an excellent and exemplary ambassador for the United States.

3Combatting Terrorism

Trump helped to rebuild the military, which has been crucial in defending the United States and its allies. He has led the charge when it comes to NATO allies increasing their military budgets.

Trump has obliterated the so-called Islamic State, and went one step further in killing its leader. The US has taken custody of several terrorists, and will seek justice for the many that tragically lost their lives.

Terrorism continues to be a major problem, but the United States continues to stand strong against aggression from terrorist groups.

4Middle East

Trump has helped to normalise relations in the Middle East, with the United Arab Emirates and Israel recently ending decades of animosity.

Trump was able to broker a deal between the two countries rapidly. The same arrangement was made between Israel and Bahrain. Continuing positive relationships with allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia has also been positive.

Trump has also been praised for his handling of the difficult American-Iranian relationship. Former President Barack Obama signed a nuclear-based deal with Iran which was widely criticised.

Trump annulled the deal, and has sought to limit Iran’s capabilities in terms of nuclear warfare. He also ordered the air strike that killed a high-ranking general that had been accussed of grave crimes.

5Law and Order

Trump has called himself the “law and order” President. He has stood up to those who have been looting, rioting, and in general raising anarchy.

The left-wing have called for the Police to be defunded, yet they were furious when some communities started to defend themselves against the rioters.

Biden has never condemned those causing the anarchy, and has instead stood idly by as his supporters have caused wrecked havoc.

Is this really what we want? Should we go to bed at night worrying about our property?

6His Strength of Character

So many people would have wilted under the barrage of hate and abuse that has been spewed towards Trump.

But he has remained resolute and dignified throughout. He has not bowed to the hate, and has been an ambassador for change.

No President has had to put up with the level of criticism that has faced Trump. Yet as the strong leader he is, he has continued to be resolute in battling for the good of America.

7Energy Independent

The United States is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world – overhauling Russia and Saudi Arabia.

By being independent, it has helped lower costs for consumers, improved environmental efficiency, and lessened the over-reliance on Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Biden has stated that he will try and move the United States away from oil and natural gas. This will make the United States be reliant once more on other nations.


The Trump administration has been at the forefront of healthcare reform. He has tackled several issues head-on.

Trump has been heavily criticised for his handling of Covid-19. But looking to Europe, regardless of approach (e.g. Sweden’s business as usual approach, France’s tough lockdowns), case numbers and deaths are huge.

He has helped other countries in their battle against Covid-19. He has sent equipment to other countries, aided efforts to find a vaccine, and ploughed many resources into battling the virus domestically.

Trump has also attempted to restrict the availability of abortion – which is an issue that continues to divide many. Such efforts have been praised by pro-life campaigners.

Trump has also set out and enacted policies aimed at battling the ongoing opioid addiction crisis that is engulfing the US.


Trump has not marginalised the heroic veterans that have served the United States with honour, and allowed us to live with freedom.

He signed the VA Mission Act, which helped modernise the healthcare of veterans, and provided them with easier access to the healthcare that at times are desperately needed.

Trump has provided significant financial support – as previously mentioned – towards the military, and continues to respect those that put their lives on the line for us.


Trump has been fiercely promoting Christianity, something which Obama tended to distance himself from. In an age where being a Christian is almost seen as a crime by many, Trump has supported Christians.

Vice-President Mike Pence is a staunch evangelist, and continues to drum up support from Christians. The duo have supported Christians, and allowed religious freedom.

Areas such as promoting religous liberty, backng school prayer and appointing conservative-leaning judges has helped promote Christian rights. In recent times, Christians have felt marginalised, but Trump has kept his promises, and returned the faith shown to him by Christians.

Biden is officially a Catholic, but other than attending mass, shows little sign of actually caring about the Christian cause.

11Standing up to the Radical Left

We are living in a very dangerous age, with the radical left wing – backed up by the media – threatening freedom of speech, and finding a problem with just about everything.

Their sense of self-entitlement is worrying – and their “cancel culture” has implications for so many. But Trump has stood up to the radical left, and will continue to do so if re-elected as President again.

Can we say the same for Biden? That would be an emphatic no. He would arguably cower to the left-wing, not stand up to other countries, and leave the US economy in tatters.

12Joe Biden

Democrat nominee Joe Biden would be a weak leader. He would submit to the left. He has been called a “pathological liar”, and his son Hunter has been linked to several shady deals.

Biden’s politics are akin to socialism. The United States has, and should always be, a country where a person can be free to engage in capitalism.

Biden has also not said that he would oppose increasing the Supreme Court to 13 judges – something that goes against years and years of tradition.


Biden also has a long-history of questionable comments regarding race – such as stating how he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle”.

“You ain’t black” if you don’t vote Biden, he says. Obama was the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”, according to Biden.

People may criticise Trump for some of the things he has said, but Biden also has a questionable history of comments. Biden also has connections to a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan.

14Trump has supported the marginalised

For a long time, the Democrats ignored the hard-working, lower-income masses that are the backbone of local communities.

But Trump has appealed to white-collar workers all over the nation, and has embraced a demographic that has been historically ignored and ostracised by the Democratic Party.

Moreover, Hispanics and African-Americans have also been supported by the Trump administration. Contrary to public belief, there is a sizeable support from African-Americans for Trump.

15Donald Trump Has Made America Great Again

As he promised, Trump has truly made us proud to be Americans again. His patriotism and passion for the United States is infectious.

We must continue to move forward. It is not time to undo the strong progress of the last four years. The next four years are critical – and Trump is the strong leader we need.

Regardless of the result of this election, he has been an incredible President for us all. We need four more years of Trump, and we implore you to vote Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.